Staff Changes in Tbilisi City Hall

access_time2018-02-14 13:26:42

Two Tbilisi City Hall employees have been dismissed. Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze made the mentioned announcement at the municipal government meeting. 

According to Kaladze, the abovementioned persons violated the rules, namely, they made biased decisions in respect to their family members.

"The internal audit service of the City Hall began examination and, unfortunately, violations have been identified. In particular, two employees made biased decisions in the case related to their family members.

I have repeatedly stated that we need only professional and honest people who will serve the city and people living here," Kaladze said, adding that they were elected by people to serve the city honestly.

"We need to create one big family that will serve the people of this city. I understand that some may have some difficulties, but that does not mean that they must act dishonestly. Such actions are categorically unacceptable," Kaladze said.

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze decided to  immediately release from their positions the people involved in tender procedures because of the accident occurred  at the metro station Varketili.

As the capital Mayor noted, mistakes  were made starting with the procurement of design works and ending with construction works.

"Design works were accepted and delivered without technical examination ... An investigation has been launched, we will wait for the results of the investigation, however, before that I want to instruct the Transport Company Manager Mamuka Kobakhidze to  immediately release from occupied positions those people who were involved in tender procedures, "Kaladze said.

According to Kaladze, recent developments showed that the current  mechanism does not provide quality and security properly, so the tender documentation will include  necessarily control over the quality of infrastructure projects.

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