Georgia Wine Exports Hit Record in 2017

Georgia Wine Exports Hit Record in 2017

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In 2017, Georgia has exported a record amount  of wine over the last 30 years thanks to  coordinated cooperation of  the relevant governmental structures in the wine industry and viticulture sector.

According to the National Wine Agency, in 2017 Georgia exported 76.7 million bottles  (0.75 l), to 53 countries which is 54% more  than in 2016. Total exports amounted to $ 170 million that is  49% more compared with  the same period  in 2016.

Growth was observed in  the following countries: China - 43% (7 585 407 bottles), Russia - 76% (47 778 920), Ukraine - 46% (8 502 554), Poland - 15% (2 676 440), Latvia - 20 56% (457 920), Germany - 38% (404 538), Israel - 150% (213 074), Mongolia - 82% (168%), Belarus - 56% 162), France - 178% (99 796), Azerbaijan 75% (141 294) and others.

The top five exporting countries are Russia (47 778 920 bottles), Ukraine (8 502 554), China (7 585 407), Kazakhstan (3 322 867) and Poland (2 676 440).

 According to the head of the National Wine Agency, Giorgi Samanishvili, in 2018 the main priority of Georgian winemaking will be the growth of exports to new markets.

"The Russian direction should be preserved, since it is a very large market where Georgian wine has long been well known, but we should not depend only on it. Despite a significant increase in sales in Russia, we are looking for new markets, "he says.

Samanishvili notes that says the second priority is to maintain a stable level of exports in the coming years.

 "We see a very significant increase in  exports and do not expect further growth. Now we focus mainly on further growth of wine quality," he explains.

Apart from that, geographical priorities are also changing - if in recent years the focus has been on the Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan), in 2018 we’ll focus  on the growth of sales in the United States.

For this purpose, the agency intends to hold marketing events in the United States to continue last year's campaign.

"In 2017, Georgian winemakers took part in the Boston wine and spirits exhibition, as well as in international exhibitions of natural wine in New York and Los Angeles. Days of Georgian wine and tastings were held in the American cities,  including in the building of the US Congress. American importers and sommeliers had an opportunity to get acquainted with Georgian wine. Now we have a 56% increase in sales in the US – a total of 457,920 bottles of wine have been exported to the United States," says Giorgi Samanishvili.

He believes  Georgian wine exports to the United States have a great growth potential, the United States are  the world's largest consumer of wine – they drink 3 billion liters of wine  per year.

"We hope that 2018 will be a turning point, and Georgian wine will take a more respectable niche  in the American market. We focus on an average ($ 10-15) and slightly above the average ($ 15-25) segments, and most likely exports will be doubled to 1 million bottles in 2018," the head of the Agency concludes.


Georgia exported  18,4 million bottles (0,5 l) of brandy to  26 countries worldwide, which is 78% more than in 2016. Total exports amounted to  $ 39.4 million , a growth of  70%.


All in all, revenues from wine, brand, chacha, tapping brand, winemaking and brandy spirits amount to $ 283.8 mln - growth has reached 46% compared with 2016.

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