Inspection of Trucks and Buses to be Tightened since January 1, 2018

access_time2017-12-06 13:36:09

From January 1, 2018, stricter rules for the technical inspection of trucks and buses will come into effect, it is also expected that the vehicle inspection will gradually be extended to other categories of vehicles.

Since October inspection will be mandatory for cars weighing more than 3 tons.

The cost of inspection of cars and trailers will be GEL 60, trucks and buses – GEL 100. If the identified technical deficiencies are not corrected within the specified time, the fine for individuals will amount to GEL 50, for legal persons - GEL 200.

Within the technical procedure, the vehicle's environmental condition, the braking system, visibility, the condition of the headlights, electrical equipment, tires and running gear will be inspected.

 A vehicle  that will not pass inspection from the first time should be put in order within 30 days, after which it will undergo a repeat free inspection procedure at the same service center.

A fine of 50 GEL is also imposed for cars that will not pass inspection, a fine will be  also imposed for transferring cars to the third parties that will not pass the inspection procedure - for physical persons - GEL 50, for legal entities - GEL 200.

The patrol police will have access to electronic database to obtain data on the vehicle's passing the inspection procedure  by entering the vehicle number in the program.

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