GEL 1.3 Billion to be Spent on Roads Construction in 2018

access_time2017-12-05 13:44:12

In 2018 the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure will have a budget of 1.815 billion.

The government plans to increase spending on infrastructural projects, resulting in a 557 million increase in the budget of the curator next year.

According to the 2018 budget project, a total of GEL 1.0 billion will be spent to improve the road infrastructure.

The following roads will be built and rehabilitated:

Chumateli - Argveta section of the road - 250.0 mln; Zemo Osiauri-Rikoti - GEL 80.0 million; modernization and construction of Samtredia-Grigoleti highway - GEL 150 million; Batumi new bypass road - GEL 70.0 million; rehabilitation and reconstruction of Chumateli-Kharagauli road - GEL 45.0 mln; Kobuleti new bypass road - GEL 30 million; rehabilitation and reconstruction of Khulo-Zarzma section - GEL 30.0 million; Agara - Zemo Osiauri - GEL 20.0 million; Upper Imereti (Sachkhere) - reconstruction and construction of the road connecting with Racha - GEL 25 million; Sno-Juta-Roshka-Shatili-Omalo-Khadori Gorge - Batsara-Akhmeta road reconstruction-construction - GEL 20.0 million; construction of Grigoleti-Choloki section - GEL 60.0 mln; construction of the road and tunnel on the Kvesheti-Kobi section of Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi road - GEL 53.0 million;  

Construction of Rustavi-Red Bridge section of Tbilisi-Red Bridge road  - GEL 25 million.

GEL 288.5 million will be spent on  rehabilitation of regional and municipal infrastructure, 196.0 million GEL – on the  rehabilitation of water supply infrastructure.

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