Sport Cloths for Nike, New Balance, Under Armor, Puma and Lotto to be Sewed in Poti

access_time2017-09-25 12:03:46

According to the financial director of Adjara Textile company Gia Lominadze, the plant will open in October and will employ 3 000 people while at the first stage the number of employees will be 500.


A process of retraining of personnel, who will work at the enterprise, is currently underway.


"We focus on training local personnel for the enterprise in which  Turkish specialists are involved. We have already achieved certain results at our enterprises in other regions, where we managed to increase the share of local citizens to almost 100% of the total personnel of the enterprise," he says.


$ 15 million was invested in the construction of the enterprise. The cloths produced at the plant will be meant for 100% export.


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