Terabank Vake Branch Has Renewed According to the Financial House Concept

access_time2017-09-11 17:16:18


Another branch of Terabank has been renewed according to the concept of Financial House.

The Vake branch has changed its location and now you can get banking services in a house-style environment on 33 Chavchavadze Avenue.

”My Financial House”-this is the communication message of Terabank, that is why the conditions are set up in the bank to provide customers with quick and high quality banking services in comfortable and cozy branches.

Soft furniture and warm colors really distinguish TeraBank from ordinary banking offices, but most importantly, staff service is aimed at saving customer’s time and maximum satisfaction of their banking needs.

Terabank operates on Georgian market for 18 years, although the name ”Terabank” is positioned after rebranding.

Over the last one year, all branch offices in Georgia are updated according to the concept of the Financial House. The network  expands while new branches are added.

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