PhoneKid, a smartphone built specifically for kids

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PhoneKid, a phone specially made for the kids so that their parents don’t get any kind of a headache. A Spanish company by the name of Escudo Web has developed a smartphone specifically aimed at kids.

The device is controlled by parents with the help of an app, which means parents will have the total control over the content and access to their kids’ phones. They will be able to know what their kids are accessing and they can even block anything unsuitable going on and replace it with something worthy.

Well, there are several apps and modes available in today’s smartphones that let you set the level of security and privacy features so that your child doesn’t access anything unwanted or undesirable. But, having a dedicated phone that has its software optimized from the core is something worth notable.

The company showcased this device at the Mobile World Congress to demonstrate how its version of Android puts a total control over your kids’ phones.

The company even believes that seven-year-olds would be safe if they use PhoneKid. The company claims its special version of Android is designed in such a way that the kids can’t bypass its protections.

This device can never be turned off, and the same goes for Geolocalisation as well. There’s an SoS button that silently initiates a call to the parent’s phone in any kind of emergency situations.

Escudo Web is now seeking a hardware partner, as it explained to the BBC's technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones at the event.

There aren’t any availability and pricing details associated yet.

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