Every Second Employed Citizen Works in Tbilisi

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The regions of Georgia lose their function and are no more  attractive for local residents. 64% of the country's employed population works in Tbilisi - the Rezonansi daily writes.


According to the Statistics Service, a total of  1,732,000 citizens were employed in Georgia in 2016. The total population of the country is 3, 7 million people, of which 1, 5 million live in rural areas, 2, 1 million - in cities.


expert Paata Aroshidze says  the problem of unemployment in the regions is much more acute than in the capital, in addition, the country lacks qualified specialists and  the industry faces difficulties in recruiting staff, and is often forced to invite foreigners.


“Georgia also sees high unemployment and  a disproportionate distribution of labor forces. Since in the capital employment rate is higher than in the regions, the labor force is mainly concentrated there. Residents of villages are looking for work in Tbilisi, sometimes, especially in the tourist season, in Batumi, and sometimes abroad, " he notes.


According to lawyer Levan Alapishvili, the state should form a strategy that will correctly identify the problem.


"The main problem of the country is poverty, one of the main tasks is the social leveling and no one pays any attention to this problem. No government has yet taken a single step in this direction. The second problem is the shortage of jobs-  the state should stimulate their creation but  nothing has been done in this regard either. For example, a law on entrepreneurship in mountain regions was recently adopted, but it turned out that the tax administration issue was not taken into account. Thus, the decision that was supposed to improve the situation turned out to be useless," the expert explains.


Alapishvili believes that laws that lack systematics destroy  the very idea.

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