Four out of ten Tbilisi residents have never undergo medical check-up examination

access_time2017-11-10 07:35:03

The ACT was interested in how often the Tbilisians undergo  medical check-up examination. As the study has shown, the culture of prophylactic medical examinations is not so common in our capital. According to the survey, four  out of ten Tbilisi residents  (44%) have never undergone  prophylactic medical examinations. One-third of the Tbilisians do medical examinations for at least once a year (32%), and one-fourth apply to the medical establishment once in two years or more (24%).

ACT also interested in what part of the Tbilisi residents have recently applied to the doctor because of health problems. As it turns out, half of Tbilisi residents (50%) have visited  a doctor in the last 6 months. It is noteworthy that the practice of visiting a doctor is more common in the 60 and over age group.

Within the research, the organization  also found out  to which doctors the  citizens apply most often. As it turned out, the majority of Tbilisi residents (66%) with health problems visited  a family doctor in the last 6 months .  The practice of visiting other doctors in this segment is relatively low and does not exceed 12%. According to the findings of the survey, the Tbilisians of 60 years and over , besides the family doctor, have also visited  to cardiologists (25%) and ophthalmologists (15%) during the last 6 months, and 18-35-year-old Tbilisians visited  the gynecologist (24%) and the dentist (19%)  in the  last 6 months.

The survey was conducted in Tbilisi by random selection between 400 adult residents of Tbilisi from 7 October to 9 October 2017. The statistical  error of data varies from 3.0% to 6.5%.

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