NGO: "Parking in the Center of Tbilisi should be Paid"

access_time2017-11-14 09:16:29

"It is necessary to determine parking levels in Tbilisi, parking in the central part of the city should be paid," Eka Laliashvili, chairman of the board of the non-governmental organization "Alliance for Safe Roads" told  "Commersant". She says that  the agreement with City Park should be reviewed and if necessary, it  should be changed.

During the election campaign, David Narmania promised to review the City Hall’s agreement with City Park, but it turned out that in the case  a unilateral termination  of the contract, the city would have to pay a fine of GEL 25 million.

The elected mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze , said the Tbilisi City Hall is going to start a legal dispute against City Park company.

Eka Laliashvili does not have the answer to the question of how really is to solve the problem by legal means. However, she says that it is not necessary to discontinue the contract: " Both sides can add the rules to the contracts. Maybe it’s worth paying these millions and sign a contract with a new  company. If the parties agree, everything is possible. The City Hall should calculate whether or not it’s worth paying  this amount to improve the situation in the city in this regard. "

Laliashvili  believes it doesn’t matter  whether it will be "City Park" or another company, the main thing is that the authorities of the capital will act properly.

"It is important for citizens to create conditions for parking, which will be beneficial for the city. The parking system is not regulated. We understand that City Park acts within the contract that is not healthy”.

Paid parking is essential in the central areas. This can be painful for the citizens but useful for the city, even for the improvement of the environment. As for the fee for parking, it is difficult to say its volume at the stage , "- says Laliashvili.

According to her, in parallel it is necessary to develop buses and transport: "When the state implements  painful reform, it  should offer alternative to the citizens. The City Hall must create the environment that makes public transportation more comfortable for citizens. "

As for the expectations, in Eka Laliashvili’s words,  the new Mayor's and her organization's views are largely coincidental.

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