Unknown Statistics of Houses in Disrepair

access_time2017-10-12 11:54:51

All Tbilisi Mayor candidates pledge to carry out rehabilitation of damaged houses in the capital. Meanwhile, the official data on houses in disrepair in Tbilisi are not available in Tbilisi City Hall. Only the number of buildings having  the status of cultural heritage and need to be restored is known.

The damaged buildings in Tbilisi are not only in the old districts but in the suburbs, but their number is unknown. "Commersant" was told at the City Hall that they do not have the exact data of the houses in disrepair.

However, Tbilisi City Hall should have this information as a rule, especially when it concerns  not only  housing but the people’s lives.

"Commersant" has found the data  about the buildings in disrepair with cultural heritage status. According to Tbilisi Development Fund, Tbilisi has about 1 800 cultural heritage monuments, of which  300 were  rehabilitated and 1 500 are to be rehabilitated. there are other valuable buildings in the historic part of the city, which lack monument  status and are damaged, their number reaches  5 000. 

 "The old Tbilisi is in the worst condition, the houses are on the verge of collapse. From this point of view, Mtatsminda, Vera and Avlabari are very problematic. This problem has existed over the years. Unfortunately, no one can tell the  exact numbers of such houses because they are  not counted and this is the prerogative of the City Hall. The issue is very difficult and many work is needed, "Machaidze says.

Urbanist Lado Vardosanidze also speaks about this problem and notes that most of the damaged buildings have not been rehabilitated for  years and need immediate restoration.

The damaged houses are mainly located in old Tbilisi. The country does not have the resources to restore everything at once, " Vardosanidze explains.


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