There is no Demand for Non-alcoholic Beer in Georgia

access_time2018-02-14 11:13:01


Contrary to the global trend, there is almost no demand for non-alcoholic beer in Georgia.


According to the corporate director of Natakhtari company Nikoloz Khundzakashvili, the demand is so low that Georgian companies do not even produce this kind of beer, and if it suddenly appears, the product will have to be imported.


"We know that in the world the demand for non-alcoholic beer is very high, and it is constantly growing, but not in Georgia. It is possible that over time demand may appear as it was with beer with a low alcohol content. Demand appeared, and local production gradually replaced  import. To start the production of non-alcoholic beer, we need investments that  will not be made due to lack of demand," he says.


In Nikoloz Khundzakashvili’s words,  currently in Georgia the most popular is standard, 5-degree beer followed by  4-degree with low alcohol content which accounts for 20% of the Georgian market.


The founder of  the brewing company Kazbegi Gogi Topadze also talks about  the lack of demand for non-alcoholic beer.


"There is no demand and for this reason  there is no production. Several years ago there was a great demand in Iran, and we even considered  its  possible production, but the project was not implemented. If demand suddenly appears, we are ready to start production, " he explains.


According to a study conducted by Euromonitor International, in 2015-2016 the number of consumers of traditional beer declined in the world, while the market of non-alcoholic beer grew by 5%.


One of the world's largest beer producers Anheuser-Busch InBev forecasts a 20% increase in consumption of non-alcoholic beer in 2025. Two other large companies - Budweiser and Corona - announced successful sales of non-alcoholic beer in 2016. 

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