Taxi Drivers will Have to Pay for Registration

access_time2018-02-12 15:07:33

Taxi driver will be given some time to pass  registration, - Tbilisi Deputy Mayor Maia Bitadze told journalists. 

According to her, drivers will have to pay a fee to register their business, although this will be a "cheap procedure".

Bitadze did not specify the exact period of the registration, although noted it would  probably start in autumn.

"The first phase of the reform envisages  a simple procedure of  issuing a permit document. The Parliament of Georgia will adopt a law on the basis of which, the City Hall will issue a relevant act to  start issuing permits, i.e. registration of taxes. Then we will gradually move to the second stage of the reform," said Maia Bitadze.

The Deputy Mayor also noted that the taxi drivers, who would not pass the registration, will have to pay a fine stipulated  by the Code of Administrative Offenses.


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