Gift from ,,Insurance Company Alpha” – 6 month insurance

access_time2018-02-08 12:55:27

"Insurance Company Alpha" continues to expand its retail business sector. This time, company awards Wissol's loyal customers with 6-month insurance. During whole February, everybody who gets 30 liters of fuel at Wissol's stations will receive Motor Accident insurance as a gift. Any health problems that may be caused to the driver and passengers in the insured vehicle, by the car accident, will be insured in Alpha.

"Insurance Company Alpha" continuously contributes to the promotion of safe driving. According to statistics, in 2017, 9 000 people were seriously injured in the road accident. It is impossible to predict the threat and the amount of money associated with possible deterioration of health is quite high. That is why ,,Insurance Company Alpha” started a social campaign with Wissol Group to prevent financial losses for Wissol’s loyal customers.

The campaign is operated throughout Georgia, at any Wissol petrol station. Support of Aversi Holding, developed regional networks, medical services through the whole country, continually gives competitive advantage to "Insurance Company Alpha" and now again allows the company to provide insurance services for its insureds throughout Georgia.

,,Insurance Company Alpha” started year 2018 with big changes and innovations. The company focuses primarily on the development of retail sector, increasing quality control and improving service. In the nearest future Alpha promises many interesting campaigns.

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