Promod and Etam are Leaving  Pekin Street in Tbilisi

Promod and Etam are Leaving Pekin Street in Tbilisi

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One-way traffic has created problems for shopping facilities on Pekin Street and some of them are on the verge of closing. The stores say that since the fall of 2017 when  the movement on Pekin street became one-sided, consumers number decreased  compared to  the same period of previous years. As a result, Pekin Avenue is no commercially profitable. That is why some brand shops are looking for an alternative place.

Clothing brands  stores Promod, Orsay, Etam included in  the Adress Group  are considering a possible closure. Teona Tsitsilashvili, the brand manager of Adress, says that after Pekin Avenue became one-way, sales reduced and the street became less commercially attractive.

Tsitsilashvili does not specify percent drop in sales noting  that annual financial data will be known in the nearest future. However, adds that a decline will not be catastrophic.

Sales were also reduced at the clothes store "MALS". Avtandil Lomtadze, head of the network, explains that the reason for the decrease in sales in the above mentioned area is competition with  shopping centers or so-called malls opened in Tbilisi.

In Lomtadze’s words, after big shopping centers started operating in Tbilisi, the network’s sales have reduced by 50 percent.

"A decrease in sales was not caused by one-way  movement on Pekin street. There are three big shopping centers in Tbilisi, which are very much for Tbilisi. I think this is a problem. Pekin Avenue  can no longer develop because of the lack of space, " explains Lomtadze.

According to him, despite the competition with malls, "Mals" store in Pekin Street is still profitable and is not going to  change the address.

The shoe store VOOG says  that sales have not fallen  catastrophically  to  close the shop and move to another location.

Irina Pekhshvelishvili, manager of "Giordano" clothing store in Pekin N15 explains that sales at the store reduced by about 10 percent due to the one-way movement on  Pekin Street.

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