Georgia's revenues from international transport operations shrinking

Georgia's revenues from international transport operations shrinking

access_time2018-01-11 12:54:52

Given  the geographic location of Georgia, its international transport function is of great importance, and potentially a country can receive substantial revenues from it.


However, since 2015 Georgia spends more on transport operations than it receives from them, in other words, the country has a negative balance in international transport services.


In 2010, this balance was positive and amounted to $ 141 million. Since 2011 it  began to decline and in 2015 became negative. As early as 2016, expenditures exceeded revenues by $ 40 million, in January-September - by $ 77 million.


The biggest drop in revenues was recorded in railway transport - until 2012 its profit grew, since 2013 began to fall. In 2016 the loss of the Georgian Railway amounted to $ 2 million, in January-September 2017 - $ 38 million.


Georgia receives  stable revenue from the operation of pipelines - an average of $ 300 million.


A positive trend is also observed in air transport - the positive balance in this sector was $ 26 million in 3 quarters of 2017, while in the same period of 2016 the balance was negative and amounted to $ 11 million.

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