After three years of pause the construction of a hotel-complex in Akhmeta is on the agenda again

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Construction of the  hotel-complex Bakhtrioni Resort  in Akhmeta is s on the agenda again. After about a three- year pause local government and investor company are ready to cooperate. Lukhumi Shetakauri, Head of Property Management, Economic Development, Statistics, Infrastructure Spatial Arrangement, Architecture and Construction Service of Akhmeta Municipality states that the City Council of the previous convocation and the City Hall of Akhmeta had no permission to build and develop Bakhtrioni Resort.

Lukhumi Shetakauri says that the situation has changed completely and Akhmeta municipality is waiting for an offer from the investor company, after which the issue will be discussed at the City Council session.

According to him, when the Akhmeta city council will have the consent of alienation of t 3 hectares of land required for the project, the cost of the land will be set. Shetakauri explains that this plot is at the state balance. After the City Council’s  consent, a conditional auction will be announced and  the winner will carry out  the project.

As it is known, the construction company White Group is interested in implementing the project. Giorgi Gonjilashvili, the company CEO, briefly commented on the issue and said that they would submit an application to  Akhmeta municipality within a few weeks.

In 2016 Giorgi Gonjilashvili said  that   the French company showed its interest in investing in Akhmeta. In his words,  due to the recent misunderstandings,  three groups of investors had refused to implement an investment project.

It was  planned to invest  $ 5 million in the construction, however, at the request of local and central authorities, the amount of investment doubled.  

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