Ministry of Finance: Within 3 Years Bureaucratic Expenses will be Reduced by 25%

access_time2017-12-14 14:23:27

Over the next three years, bureaucratic spending in Georgia will be reduced by 25%, Finance Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze said.

"We intend to steadily reduce bureaucratic costs and their ratio to GDP. The government has already saved gel 140 million of which 100 million is a salary fund. These are considerable sums when we talk about reforms. Until the end of 2020, we plan to reduce bureaucratic costs by 25%. These are very large figures even in  developed countries," the minister noted.

Currently, the Parliament of Georgia is considering a project to optimize the government structures which provides for merging  several ministries. According to government officials, the goal of the reform is to reduce government spending, but the scale of cuts are unclear at this stage.

The draft budget for 2018 doesn’t include  the financial changes related to optimization since the draft reform is still under discussion. Exact figures will be known only next year.

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