The State will Cover the Cost of Alcohol Free Beverage Labeling in 2018

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"The state will pay the cost of the non-alcoholic drinks labeling again," Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, Director of Corporate Affairs at Natakhtari, told Commersant. According to his information, the political decision has been taken       and  the marking fee will be paid by the state as in 2017.

"This is the new minister’s statement. It  is verbal agreement and is not documented. We hope that at the end of the month this document will be signed and will be turned into  the order," Khundzakishvili says.

Khundzakishvili says that the sector has saved about GEL 5-6 million per year as a result of paying the cost of non-alcoholic drinks labeling by the state.

Commersant was told at  the Ministry of Finance that  in 2018  the state again will cover  the costs of soft drinks labeling.

Recall that the electronic marking of non-alcoholic drinks entered into force from November 1, 2015. Under the Decree # 996 of the Minister of Finance of Georgia, non-alcoholic drinks, including mineral and fresh waters, were labeled.

in order to establish highly secured track and trace system, GRS has announced a competition on “Integrated System of Movement and Registration of Products” on 10th November, 2011. Seven bids were submitted from the companies; the requirements of GRS were met by “SICPA Security Solutions SA”.


The agreement was concluded between Georgia Revenue Service and “SICPA Security Solutions SA”.


The main purpose of Georgia Revenue Service was to establish electronic system as it allows controlling accuracy of the payment process; in addition, consumers are protected from using counterfeit goods.


The system offered by Swiss company allows marking the production by means of unique secured code which could be applied on excise stamps or directly on the production. The movement of the production through manufacturing line is controlled by the devices produced by the company; these devices provide identification and marking of production; quality control of applied stamps and activation of unique secured code through database.

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