Tbilisi Mayor Demands Developers to Observe the Law

access_time2017-12-06 15:31:57

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze demands from the Supervision Service to monitor compliance with the safety standards by development companies.

"You can suspend any construction that goes without complying with the safety standards. You have such authority, and if necessary, you must use them," Kaladze says during a meeting with representatives of the service.

According to him, safety standards statistics in construction are alarming and show that they are often not observed.

 "Statistics are very disturbing, but it's not just statistics. We often face violations of safety standards in construction. Over the past 5 years, the supervision service has already sent warnings to more than 100 objects, 50 of them are fined, "the mayor says.

Kaladze notes that very often people work on construction sites without appropriate security measures that often leads to death and injuries.

"The Supervision Service should exercise its powers in full. All developers must comply with safety standards, and those  who do not do this should  bear the corresponding responsibility - their construction must be stopped as it concerns  life and health of citizens," Kaladze concludes.

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