Redix Group about Excessive Bureaucracy at Tbilisi City Hall

access_time2017-11-13 16:30:21

"For 12 years I have been saying  that the bureaucracy in the Tbilisi City Hall should end while  regulations on the construction sector should be toughened," says Lasha Papashvili, CEO at  the development company Redix Group.

According to him, unlike the developed countries in Georgia issues related to construction are not still solved.

"Today the concept of district development by the state is the most important topic for Georgian developers. There is a complete mess in the development sector. Nobody knows anything. And these issues need to be regulated, "the businessman believes.

In Papashvili’s words, the representatives of the construction business had a meeting with the new mayor of Tbilisi and the leadership of the Ministry of Economy, and among other things, an initiative was voiced about the need to tighten the norms of construction.

"If the construction norms  are tightened, the  real estate prices will rise. It's good as everyone in Georgia has real estate, and no one is happy that its prices  have not gone up for many years," the businessman explains.

As for the bureaucracy, the new mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze intends to solve  this problem, Papashvili notes.


"Kaladze said the state office  should  make timely and prompt decisions and intends to do everything to minimize bureaucratic procedures in the mayor's office. To do this, we need to study the examples of some countries, for example, Britain where no supervision service is enacted, and the architect  controls the compliance with building standards. This is the best option. I've been saying for 12 years that there are too many bureaucracies in the Tbilisi City Hall. As for the regulations, they should be tightened without creating  problems to citizens," Lasha Papashvili  says.

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