Tobacco Excise Duty to be Increased in Georgia

access_time2017-11-10 14:39:02

Akaki Zoidze, Chairman of the Parliament’s Healthcare Committee, announces a further tax rate increase on tobacco.

According to Zoidze,  the excise will be increased  until 2020 in the framework of commitments with the European Union. For example, if the excise cost amounts to about GEL 2 on the filtered cigarette now; it will grow to GEL 3.

Akaki Zoidze says that the goal is to reduce tobacco consumption in the country, a 10% increase in the excise rate will  reduce  consumption by 5-8%.

“In our case, smoking reduction by 15% was due to an excise increase of about 30%. Smokers number maybe has  not reduced greatly but each smoker uses less cigarette because of the price. In addition, companies have also reduced supplies as they are waiting for  new regulations on tobacco", - Akaki Zoidze notes.


A 305 -million Increase in the 2017 Budget not to Affect the Lari

person access_time2017-11-24 15:15:22
Giorgi Kakauridze, Deputy Finance Minister of Georgia, said at the parliamentary bureau sitting, that  a 305- million increase for 2017 budget  will not affect the lari...

Banks Credit Portfolio Rating

person access_time2017-11-24 13:00:23
Banking sector’s lending (including loans issued on non-residents and without Credo’s data) amounted to GEL 20.6 billion as of  November 1. The rate increased by 722 million in October comparing to September (+3.9% m-o-m). Loans in GEL has grown by 156.6...

A Logistics Center to Open on the Russian-Georgian Border

person access_time2017-11-24 13:19:57
The first logistics center on the Russian-Georgian border in the Upper Lars region was to open in October, however, according to the head of administration of the Murphy Kazbegi company Ekaterina Zambakhidze, the date of the phased operation of...

Changes to Tax Code to be Introduced

person access_time2017-11-24 08:37:20
Income derived from loan and equity securities and  interest  will be exempt from income and profit tax. Physical and non-resident individuals will benefit from tax privileges. The relevant amendments will be introduced to the Tax...

NBG President- Deposit Dollarization is Declining

person access_time2017-11-24 08:12:17
In the article titled “Georgia Growing” published on the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) website,  Georgia's National Bank President Koba Gvenetadze speaks about the country's banking sector, the depreciation of the Lari and the reduction of...

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