Restrictions to be Imposed on Online Gambling in Georgia since 2018

access_time2017-10-13 12:12:33

Currently, about 500, 000 people in Georgia actively play online gambling, most of them are under 20 years old - the newspaper "Rezonansi" writes.

The Ministry of Finance is working on a new policy on gaming, one of the goals of which is to ban games for this category of people. According to the MP Levan Gogichaishvili, first of all, measures will be taken to significantly complicate the registration process on the sites.

"We will soon come to an adequate solution that will be useful for the budget and will mobilize to the state funds currently passing the tax system. And most importantly, we intend to limit registration on online games sites depending on age, "he notes.

In Gogichaishvili’s words, currently online gambling are available  to everyone without exception, including minors, this applies to both local sites and foreign - otherwise the regulation does not make sense.

He believes that  the state cannot turn a blind eye to this problem, and its task is to consistently restrict online games until they completely  disappear.

"This is a very expensive task. According to our estimates, today the budget of Georgia receives GEL  200 million less from online gambling per year, and in case of a correct policy these funds could go to the treasury. But in this situation the fiscal effect is not the most important. Our main task is to reduce the number of users of online gambling as much as possible. I am sure that the planned regulations will help us in this task ", - the deputy explains.

According to the representative of the Association of Young Financiers Zurab Kukuladze, advertising should be limited  first of all, as everything begins with the popularization of gambling.

In his words, online games are a serious social problem, since their turnover is GEL 4 billion a year, and it's money that goes into a business that does not create any economic benefits.

"In reality, we are dealing with the drain of money from the country's economy. The Ministry of Finance should properly assess the problem and take measures to maximize the complexity of access to online gambling, " Kukuladze points out.

According to reports, at present, regulations are being developed, according to which only those citizens who register in a special tax service register will be able to register on online sites.

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