Nazi Alasania to Tbilisi's Next Mayor - "Tbilisi should Look Like Tbilisi"

access_time2017-10-12 15:44:16

Businessmen are advising a future Tbilisi Mayor. Commersant" continues the topic and presents you with advice of the businesswoman Nazi Alasania. The businesswoman names several directions which  the future Mayor of the capital should pay attention to.

Nazi Alasania advises Tbilisi Mayor to solve the problems of parking and prevent a  chaotic construction in the city.

It is important that the future mayor of Tbilisi should pay attention to this issue. Tbilisi should look like Tbilisi," says Alasania.

The businesswoman says that the ecological problem in the capital is too acute. "This summer the forests have been destroyed across the country. We should care of every tree in the city as they do  in Kuwait, " Alasania notes.

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