Ukrainian Investors Interested in the Square Located on Tamarashvili Street in Tbilisi

access_time2017-08-25 09:03:27

The Ukrainians are interested in the square located near the building  of Vake district municipality on  N10a Tamarashvili Street to implement one of the projects


According to Vake district municipality, Ukrainians were looking for space for one of the projects and chose this beautiful square.


They say at  Vake district administration that negotiations on the project agreement are underway and the details of the project will be introduced to the society in the nearest future.


Note:  the square located on N10a Tamarashvili Street has been  rehabilitated  this year. The new terrace and swans were installed and a pool was rehabilitated, the island was arranged for holidaymakers. Ramps  were made for people with disabilities. The area was planted with extra greenery, grass and trees. Irrigation system was arranged.


Rehabilitation works were carried out by "Geo Park" Ltd. by order of Vake district administration. GEL 180 000 was allocated from the budget of the Vake district administration  for works. 

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