Mark-up on medicines in Georgian pharmacy chains reaches 102%

access_time2018-02-21 09:00:42

 The state has long been trying to regulate the pharmaceutical market, but unsuccessfully - drugs are constantly hiking in price as well as medical services, in addition to this, doctors who are in collusion with pharmacies, prescribe more and more drugs to patients – as a rule,  more than necessary.


To date, 70% of the Georgian pharmaceutical market is in the hands of 5 large companies, and small and independent players occupy  only 30%.


The Ministry of Health continues to talk about a very high level of competition in this sector, which excludes conclusion of cartel deals.


 According to Health Minister David Sergienko, the audit showed that the profits of pharmaceutical companies fully comply with world standards, and is not overstated.



However, the study conducted by the fund Curacio showed that everything is not as rosy as it seems to the minister. This is evidenced by an exceptionally high mark-up on medicines in Georgian pharmacy chains , namely  102%.


While in Europe it is several times lower - in Hungary 27%, in Poland 32%, in the Czech Republic 35%, in Greece 46%, in Italy 49%.


And this is despite the purchasing power in Georgia is several times lower than in Europe.



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