Three Brands Control 75% of Energy Drinks Markets in Georgia

access_time2018-03-14 11:22:12


The energy drinks market in Georgia is growing every year. Currently 50 products are sold in the country while consumption of energy drinks  increased by 60% in 2017 compared to 2016.

Three brands, Boom, XL and Red Bull, control  75% of the market ;  the rest account for only 25%.

Cheap drinks which price ranges  within GEL 5  account for 77% of the market, within GEL 5 -10 - 8% and expensive drinks which cost GEL 10 or more - 16%.

75% of energy drinks are  sold in Tbilisi. Three most popular brands, Boom, XL and Red Bull account for 75.5% of all sales in the capital , in the regions - 73.5%


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