The Number of Physicians in Georgia is 1, 7 Times More than on Average across EU Countries

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According to the study of the Curacio International Foundation (CIF) , the number of doctors per capita in Georgia is 1, 7 times more  than the average in Europe and the former USSR, while the number of nurses is 1, 8 times lower than in Europe and 1, 5 - than in post-Soviet space.


Most doctors in Georgia work in Tbilisi, while the regions see a deficit.


In 2016, the number of doctors in Georgia amounted to  24,082, while nurses - 36,595, excluding dentistry - 27,851.


At the same time Georgian doctors accept 4 or 3 patients per day, which is 2 times less than in Armenia and Azerbaijan and 5 times less than in the Baltic States and Germany.


The study also showed that in 2016,  a total of 684 students per 100 000 population received a medical degree, which is 2 times more than the average for Europe and the CIS states.




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City Hall to Generate at Least GEL 1 Mln from Licensing Taxi Drivers

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New Georgian Wine Mejvriskhevi Red to be Released to the Market

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The Net Profit in the Insurance Sector Totaled GEL 20,34 Mln in 2017

person access_time2018-03-20 12:41:35
According to the data released by the Insurance Supervision Service, the net profit of the insurance sector in 2017 amounted to GEL 20,34 million. The assets of insurance companies made GEL 580,22 million, while capital...

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