Construction of Namakhvan HPP will increase power generation in Georgia by 15%

access_time2018-02-08 14:03:09

Director of the company Clean  Energy Group Georgia Aziz Saltik


Clean Energy company represents interests of the Turkish concern ENKA in Georgia, which has been successfully operating for more than 60 years both in Turkey and globally. What is the company’s interest in Georgia?


First of all, I want to mention the scale of the concern - its annual turnover is $ 43 billion, ENKA operates in 45 countries where it builds hydroelectric power plants, factories, shipyards, implements infrastructure projects, the company played a significant role in Turkey's industrialization.


Our main project in Georgia is the construction of Namakhvan hydroelectric power plant, although it is not the only one. For example, ENKA is involved in the gas pipeline project worth $ 500 million is carried out by British Petroleum.


 How stable is Georgia in terms of investment?


Georgia is a steadily developing country. we have studied in detail all potential risks, but we constantly feel the government’s support.


 We launched  the construction of the hydroelectric power station. This will be a very important element of energy security, which is one of the serious challenges for Georgia today. The country should realize its potential to reduce electricity imports and use local energy resources.


What is the chance that  Georgia will achieve energy independence?


Georgia has a very large potential for the development of hydropower, since water is on the first place among the country's natural resources. The use of this potential is very important for achieving energy independence.


The launch of Namakhvan HPP will allow Georgia to increase domestic production of electricity.


 If all the planned projects are implemented, Georgia can achieve the government's goal of energy independence.


When will the construction of Namakhvan HPP begin?


Construction should begin in 2018, now the preparatory work is actively underway. Within  the project, the priority will be the employment of local residents. It is assumed that up to 3,000 people will be involved  in the construction so  the project is  socially  important as well.


 We often hear that it’s difficult to  find qualified personnel in Georgia, but we had no difficulties with it - we saw a lot of  good energy specialists and created an efficient and competent team that will build the facility.


We always try to involve  young people and students in our projects so that they can learn a lot in practice. For this we cooperate with leading universities in Georgia.

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