The Share of "Cheap Gas" will Increase in 2018

access_time2017-12-07 14:24:56

In 2018, Georgia will have new opportunities to get gas - according to experts, within the framework of the Southern Gas Corridor project, the contruction of a pipeline will be completed on the territory of the country that will somewhat reduce the need for gas imports and will allow getting  blue fuel in kind as a fee for  transit at preferential prices, the Rezonansi newspaper writes.


Regional President of British Petroleum Gary Jones announced the completion of the construction in 2018 and  said that Georgia would  be able to get gas in the second half of this project in 2018.


Tbilisi places high  hopes on global projects. Experts believes  they will bring not only economical but political dividends, as the country’s security is better protected if it is involved in the international projects . Its stability and peace is important for the parties involved in  the project as they are  big multinational companies with big international influence as well as the population of Europe depending on the continuous supply of gas.


The Southern Gas Corridor will allow Georgia to balance the country's gas supply and cover losses from the unfavorable agreement with Gazprom.


"In the future, the amount of gas received in kind and at preferential prices as a payment for transit will grow that  can lead to a reduction in consumer tariffs," the expert Giorgi Khukhashvili says.

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