People Working at Height to Undergo Training from May 2018

access_time2017-11-14 14:57:24

From May 1, 2018 all employees working at height must undergo  training based on internationally recognized modules, the technical regulation of   safety requirements for working at height says.

According to the regulation, those working at height should be trained in the use of the defensive means of protection. The program should ensure that each employee is aware of the threat of the fall and must include necessary procedures to minimize the threat. Apart from that, the employees should be trained on their individual responsibilities and obligations as well as on providing   the first aid in case of accident.

According to technical regulations, training / instruction should be conducted at least once every three months. The training  should be documented and include the modules and issues; teaching place; trainer's name / surname; date of training; data of participants; signature of an employee. The employer is obliged to provide training program for each employee who may be in danger of falling down.

According to the regulation, the employer is obliged to provide training and implementation of the training program for each employee who may be in danger of falling down.

Apart from training, the regulation concerns technical means that should be used in the construction process.

Responsibility for violating the requirements defined by the technical regulation will be determined by the legislation of Georgia.

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