Developers Association on the Simplification of Construction Procedures

access_time2017-11-10 14:37:56

"The issuance  of construction permits will be simplified and freed from unnecessary bureaucratic barriers," President  of the Association of Georgian Developers Irakli Rostomashvili says.


According to him, the issue was discussed during a meeting of representatives of the construction business with the elected mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze.


"We have expectations that bureaucratic barriers will be simplified. Of course, no one wants to  simplify procedures by  harming the city and its inhabitants. The very wording is not very correct - procedures should not be simplified, but freed from bureaucratic obstacles. I mean  useless, non-functional obstacles the construction industry has to overcome," Rostomashvili explains.


In his words, the future mayor promised developers that during his tenure as mayor this problem will be resolved.


"The rules for obtaining construction permits should be as clear and transparent as possible. If the company presents  a project that meets the established standards, then the permit should be issued automatically. Apart from that, the requirements for developers should not change during the construction process, " Rostomashvili notes.


He adds that  in the capital there should be zones where construction is prohibited, and this issue should not become a subject of bargaining.

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