Legislation to Regulate Toy Safety Starting 2018

access_time2017-09-12 17:46:27

The Ministry of Economy works on the draft law on the safety of toys together with relevant agencies. According to Giorgi Chitadze, a representative of the agency, the work on the initial version of the project is  already completed and is expected to be enacted step by step since 2018.

"According to the agenda of the Association Agreement with the European Union, Georgian legislation addressing toy safety should be closer to European. According to the European Draft Act, legislation should be enforced from 2019," says Chitadze.

In Chitadze’s words, the EU directive  determines what kind of product can be considered safe and sets the parameters to be met by a product.

"These parameters  are different for different products. In some cases this refers to the content of dyes, in some cases the number of disassembled pieces etc., "Chitadze explains.

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