Georgian Companies not Have Enough Qualification to Carry out Large-scale Projects

access_time2017-09-12 11:49:03

An interview with the Head of Georgia’s Roads Department Giorgi Seturidze

Foreign companies are involved in the major infrastructure projects along with Georgian. Why the local companies can’t carry out projects on their own?

Mostly these are projects financed by international financial institutions, and many Georgian companies do not fully comply with their standards, for this reason we have to attract foreign specialists.

At the same time, as part of state orders financed by the Georgian government, we are trying to maximally involve  local business.

As for  small-scale  projects, our companies do not have any serious problems.

About 60% of funds spent on infrastructure projects are left in Georgia. The rest are spent on payments to foreign companies and import of various products - fuel, building materials, etc.

Why do not Georgian companies fully comply with international standards?

The main problem is the lack of experience, but it is gradually being solved, as local business is gaining experience. I hope that eventually they will reach a level they will be able to independently implement projects.

Quality is very important, as the projects are monitored and supervised by foreign engineers, and if the quality is not appropriate, the customer will not accept the project. Georgian subcontractors who are involved in such projects have already gained experience, and work with high quality. For example, the central highway which is being built very qualitatively.

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