Unhealthy Food to be Banned in School Buffets Starting September

access_time2017-08-11 16:45:17

The sale of especially unhealthy products will be banned in school buffets. As the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Alexander Jejelava said  at today's press conference, mainly it concerns products with a high content of sugar and salt, as well as sweet carbonated drinks.


According to the minister, the ban will affect products, which are known for sure that they are useless.

"... We as a society must ensure that particularly harmful products are not sold  in our schools. This is only the first step. The second step is to encourage buffet operators, school buffets are leased to commercial companies to  provide food in buffets. We will try to encourage healthy food, fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. Trainings for pantrymen are being held . We can say that since September, when the children come to school, they will be met by a changed buffet. In the following period, our buffets will be further improved, "- says Alexander Jejelava.

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