Ukrainian low-cost airline SkyUp recently announced the expansion of its operations. From now on, a full-fledged subsidiary of the low-cost airline SkyUp MT is represented in the EU. 

"The SkyUp brand with Ukrainian DNA is becoming international. We are among the first to do so in the history of Ukrainian aviation. For us, this means opening up new opportunities and scaling our business. But our ambitious goal is to show the whole world that Ukrainian brands can compete with European brands, and in the future be recognised as the best in Europe and the world thanks to their special service," commented Alexander Alba, co-owner of SkyUp Airlines Alexander Alba.

Representatives of the low-cost airline announced the successful registration of the airline in Malta. SkyUp has already received the relevant operator's certificate, an operating licence, and a certificate of airworthiness maintenance organisation.

SkyUp representatives also noted that the airline plans to develop its own flight programme in the near future. However, the airline can already start operating under wet leasing, i.e. leasing its aircraft to other airlines.

Thanks to these documents, the airline now has the right to freely organise flights in the open skies of the European Union. According to the law, the European certificate allows the airline to operate flights to any destination within the EU.

Currently, SkyUp has only one aircraft in its fleet - a 189-seat Boeing 737-800. This is a 2011 aircraft with registration 9H-SAU.

In the future, the low-cost airline plans to expand its fleet in Malta, but the number of additional aircraft is not specified. However, the airline's representatives said that these will be airliners under new contracts, not aircraft from the SkyUp fleet.