According to the recent leaks of classified documents, U.S. intelligence believes that Russia can finance the war in Ukraine for at least another year, even under current harsh sanctions, The Washington Post reported on April 26.

The article discusses how some representatives of the Russian economic elite may disagree with the country's stance towards Ukraine, and sanctions have harmed their business. However, according to an assessment dated early March, they are unlikely to withdraw their support for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. "Moscow relies on corporate tax increases, its sovereign welfare fund, increased imports, and business adaptability to help ease the economic pressure," the classified assessment reads.

In early April, dozens of US intelligence documents were discovered on social media, including those related to the war in Ukraine, China, the Middle East, and other countries and regions. Leading US media outlets have published interesting details regarding the US assessments and the relationships between different states stemming from these leaks.

Later, it was revealed that a 21-year-old American National Guard from Massachusetts who worked as a system administrator in the intelligence unit and posted photo documents on the Discord messenger was responsible for the leak. The investigation into this leak is ongoing.