Kuanysh Zholbarys has been appointed as a new General Director of Rompetrol Georgia since November 24.  Having almost 20 years of experience in different areas such as transportation, trading, and technology, Kuanysh’s new mission is the development of business in Georgia as a part of KMG International Group of Companies.

Prior to his appointment as head of Rompetrol Georgia, Kuanysh Zholbarys held various positions as Commercial Director, Sales Director, Development Director and Regional Director. His latest position was the Commercial Manager of Rompetrol Georgia.

Rompetrol Georgia is the subsidiary of the KMG International, which operates a network of 66 fuel stations throughout the country. The company is recognized in the local market as a leader in the supply of the highest quality fuel, Euro 5 standard. Rompetrol Georgia also manages country’s important storage capacities in Tbilisi and Batumi, from which the latest is located in the city's oil terminal at Black Sea. The company has been present in Georgia since 2005 and is an important employer, with around 800 people engaged in the activities of Rompetrol Georgia.