“Changing the status of land is a rather complex process, mainly it is changing agricultural status of the land plot into non-agricultural whether for business, industrial or other purposes,” - lawyer, civil law specialist Gvantsa Zhorzholiani said in air of the radio Commersant.

According to Zhorzholiani, agricultural land is a resource that can be owned by the state, municipality or just a citizen, as we know, the transfer or ownership of agricultural land by an alien is prohibited in the country.

“If a person wants to change the status of agricultural land to non-agricultural, he must apply to the local municipality where the land plot is registered, in case of a change in the status of the land plot due to the importance of the enterprise located on it, a resolution from the district administrative body is required saying that the change in status is allowed as part of the region/city development, a person should also present a business plan but a business plan shouldn’t detail a company's desire or a goal; it must detail the company’s profit, the number of citizens to be employed, and a  five-year plan.

If, for example, we want to change agricultural land to non-agricultural land to get a construction permit, we need to get approval from the architecture office of the municipality and then attach this document to other related documents. Gvantsa Zhorzholiani points out.

As for the restriction of the right to property, Zhorzholiani notes that the right to property is an absolute right and is not limited, although it is important to pay attention to the status of the land.

"If we have an agricultural land, we should know the rights we have to use it for its intended purpose, although the law does not restrict the construction of a country house on this land if we register this building as an auxiliary area and not as an residential premises" - Gvantsa Zhorzholiani notes.

In her words, the Justice and Public Registry sets tariffs for the services in 4 working days it is 150 GEL, in 2 working days GEL 270 and on the same day the citizen has to pay 350 GEL.

As for the rates, Gvantsa Zhorzholiani notes that In the case of use or disposal of a plot of agricultural land for a non-agricultural purpose the compensation amount in lieu of one hectare of agricultural land shall be for agricultural land within the boundaries of the city of Tbilisi and the city of Batumi – GEL 34,000.