Georgian Producers Demand Adoption of Anti-dumping Legislation

access_time2017-10-12 11:21:31

Georgian manufacturers believe  the government and parliament should  adopt the anti-dumping legislation.

There are different opinions in this regard - according to the Minister of Economy Giorgi Gakharia, in a country with a level of economic development like Georgia, anti-dumping legislation is undesirable. At the same time Georgian entrepreneurs say  if the market is not protected from imports, the local production will be destroyed.

The head of the poultry farm  Patardzeuli Otar Muchiashvili, the country needs anti-dumping legislation, including in the poultry sector.

"Georgia imports cheap products  from Ukraine, which is several times cheaper than local ones that kills the local production. The country should protect its producers, otherwise, our  enterprises will be gradually closed,” he says.

Amiran Adeishvili, director of the polyethylene pipe production plant, also believes that the local market should be protected from imports. He notes that Georgia produces a lot of high-quality products, which is much better than imported counterfeits, but the imports are cheaper.

 "The situation is aggravated  by the lack of a laboratory that could control the quality of products, so importers win all tenders due to low prices. No one thinks of  quality, the main thing is cheapness. If everything goes on like this, the Georgian production will soon fall, " he explains.

In Adeishvili’s words, he repeatedly met with government officials and raised this issue but no one has paid attention to this problem so far.

"My company produces pipes that are used to supply water and gas. We import raw materials for $ 1600-1700 per ton, while importers bring 1 ton of pipes for $ 1 200. It is clear that they are made of poor-quality materials, if the finished pipe is much cheaper than raw materials. If cheap imports we are not restricted, we will not occupy  our place in the market, importers will oust us with  low prices and the enterprise will be closed, "Adeishvili says. 

The local market needs to be protected  and anti-dumping legislation should be adopted for this purpose.

The government and the parliament of Georgia began work on a relevant draft law in 2015 and planned to adopt it by the end of the year, but now it is 2017, and the prospects for adopting an anti-dumping law are still vague.

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