According to the financial performance of insurance companies, the number of insured cargo exceeded 33 thousand in 2022 that is almost 7 thousand more than last year.

According to the number of cargo insurance, the top five insurance companies are as follows:

TBC Insurance - 12,683

GPI Holding — 6 356

Aldagi — 5 702

Euroins Georgia — 3 367

Irao — 1 209

In 2022, the companies attracted a total of GEL 12,268,682 in premiums that is about 20% more than in 2021 (in 2021 - GEL 10,172,645). "Aldagi" raised the largest amount of GEL 3,963,193 followed by "Irao" with GEL 2,464,936, "GPI Holding" with GEL2,098,024, the fourth and fifth places are shared by "TBC Insurance" (GEL 1,492,426) and "Unison" ( GEL 762,868).

As for compensation for losses, last year this amount stood at GEL 1,685,925. The largest amounts of losses were compensated by "Aldagi", "GPI Holding" and "Irao".