Pavel Durov has announced significant changes to the Telegram Ads service, which allows Telegram channel owners to monetize their ads. However, only in the Toncoin cryptocurrency associated with the platform.

According to him, starting next month, the Telegram Ads advertising platform will be officially opened to all advertisers in almost a hundred new countries. Owners of Telegram channels will receive 50% of what Telegram will earn from displaying ads on their channels. And the TON blockchain and Toncoin token will be used exclusively for payments.

Every month, Telegram channels generate 1 trillion views. Currently, only 10% of these views are monetized through Telegram Ads — a privacy-friendly promotion tool.

In March, Telegram’s advertising platform will officially open to all advertisers in almost a hundred new countries. Channel owners in these countries will begin to receive 50% of any revenue that Telegram generates from displaying ads on their channels.

To ensure fast and secure payments and withdrawals for advertising, we will exclusively use the TON blockchain. Similar to our approach with Telegram usernames on Fragment, we will sell ads and share revenue with channel owners in Toncoin. This will create a vicious circle in which content creators can either cash out their Toncoins or reinvest them in promoting and modernizing their channels.