According to the chairman of the parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, religious denominations fully support the draft law on "family values and protection of minors".

As Papuashvili mentioned to the journalists after the meeting with the representatives of different religious denominations, with this support, the work of the universal-public discussion commission is finally completed and the general opinions are transferred to the parliament.

"Today I had a meeting with the representatives of various religions, including the Georgian Orthodox Church, the Armenian Church, the Jewish community, the Yezidis, the Catholics, the Muslim community, the Baptist Church, and the representatives of all major religions. It's about protection. We discussed the issues in detail. There is full support from religious denominations regarding this project. With this support, we will finally complete the work of the Public Review Commission and submit to the Parliament the common opinions that have been formed as a result of 11 meetings and the position of the society regarding this law. This is full support, therefore, it is important for the parliament to continue debating this draft constitutional law in the parliamentary format," Papuashvili said.