Lawyer Gvantsa Zhorzholiani spoke about the bill “On Family Values ​​and Protection of Minors” introduced by Georgian Dream, answering listener questions in air of the radio Commersant. She believes this is a pre-election campaign designed for the electorate.

“The government team seems to have decided that their electorate is people for whom family traditions are important and started campaigning with national propaganda that's exactly what the package is aimed at.” However, the bill has many clauses that already exist, for example, the Chairman of Parliament said that a family is a union of a man and a woman, and same-sex couples will not be able to adopt a child, but this is how it is anyway.

This package includes hidden bans that are actually discriminatory and unconstitutional. One of the changes made to the Labor Code is that “in private as well as public institutions a liability imposed within the framework of the employment relationship, aimed at ignoring the biological principle, will be invalid.” This point directly and indirectly tells the employer to refrain from hiring a person who does not have a traditional orientation that contradicts the Constitution of Georgia and the Law on Discrimination,” Gvantsa Zhorzholiani believes.

According to Gvantsa Zhorzholiani, the second ban in the same package are restrictions for broadcasters that contravenes freedom of speech and expression.