“This law (On Transparency of Foreign Influence) moves Georgia away from its democratic trajectory and could stigmatize civil society and stifle the freedoms of association and expression, and that the actions fundamentally alter the U.S. relationship with Georgia,” said Matthew Miller, US Department of State Spokesperson at the daily press briefing.

According to Matthew Miller, the US launched a review of its relationship with Georgia and would consider its response.

“And so that’s why we have launched a review of our relationship and will consider our response to the actions that the Government of Georgia has taken,” he said.

Answering the question quoting Tbilisi Mayor that they have done nothing to be sanctioned, Miller said: “We’ve announced a new sanctions policy. We have not yet announced individual sanctions. And I’ll leave it at that,” adding “We have made clear that we would not hesitate to impose them.”

The journalist inquired why the US Secretary of State did not mention Georgia during his Eastern European trip.

“The Secretary just put out a statement announcing an entire comprehensive review of our policy with respect to Georgia that could jeopardize hundreds of millions of dollars of assistance that we provide to Georgia, and as well announced a new visa restriction policy that you should fully expect to see the United States take action on. I think I’ll leave it at that. His commitment to this issue has been quite clear,” he said.