Planning a trip at Christmas and New Year has already started in Georgia.

Director of the travel company Travelholics Mary Giorgadze says that Christmas tours end on December 25 – there is no sense to plan a trip later as after Christmas holidays Europeans rest and nothing works in the countries.

Trips to the Czech Republic and Austria are most in-demand.

Prague, Vienna, and Bratislava remain the most popular destinations. There is demand for Poland that is very beautiful at Christmas but not very high, the Czech Republic and Austria are still more popular,” Mary Giorgadze notes.

In her words, tours are booked as much as one and a half to two months in advance; Christmas tours usually last 4 days.

We focus on budget tours, the average cost of a trip is GEL 1,300 per person. Of course, when booking a  trip months ahead of time  our clients get the cheapest prices. We cannot name the upper limit of the tour prices,”Mary Giorgadze says.

According to her, in the last few years there has been a demand not only for Christmas, but also New Year’s tours.

“Just 5 years ago, everyone thought that the New Year should be celebrated with family, now the situation is changing and New Year’s tours are becoming more popular. We are working in this direction offering clients trips to Europe from December 31 to January 2,” she says.

The company offers good discounts on Black Friday that are very actively used by customers.

People travel abroad more often mainly due to the discounts we offer,” she points out.