"European tourists have lost interest in traveling to Georgia, our tour operators cannot sell tour packages due to a large number of Russian tourists and migrants in Georgia, Europeans say that if they wanted to go to Russia, they would go to Russia ," Director at Georgian Incoming Tour Operators Association Ia Tabagari states.

According to Tabagari, statistics also show a drastic reduction in the number of tourists from Europe.

“The situation is the same in the Baltic countries, from which a lot of tourists came to our country.

"Well-known large tour operators that have been working with Georgia for 10-20 years now  complain about the lack of orders. We don't know the exact reasons, but one thing mentioned by several partners is evident - they say if they  wanted to go to Russia, they  would go to Russia, they  will not go where there are a lot of Russians. It is not that they do not want to hear the Russian language, but that the Europeans are law-abiding, they believe that amid sanctions imposed by their countries against various companies, countries or destinations, it’s a problem for them to visit Georgia that dosn’t act in the same way, ”she notes.