According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze, 37 thousand of the 52 thousand teachers employed in public schools will have their wages increased by at least 500 GEL, and all teachers by at least 250 GEL -  the Prime Minister stated at the government meeting.

"As you know, it was announced last year that a new salary scheme for teachers will be implemented from the first of July this year and the average increase will be 500 GEL. There are a total of 52,000 teachers in public schools, of which 37,000 teachers, which is 70% of the entire contingent of teachers, will receive a salary increase of at least 500 GEL, including a certain category of teachers will receive a salary increase of 800 GEL and more. Approximately 25% of teachers will receive an increase of at least 300 GEL, all teachers will receive an increase of at least 250 GEL. This is a significant increase in pay, which ultimately has a positive impact on the general education system as a whole, on the quality of education in our country. Of course, this is one step that should be taken in the direction of the further development of the education system, and the implementation of reforms will continue. During the next 4 years, all areas of both general and higher education will be one of the most important directions and priorities of our reforms. At the same time, the work on improving the career growth system will continue, which is also very important - there were some shortcomings in this direction, and together with the minister, we will continue to actively work on these topics", said the Prime Minister.