Construction of a multi-functional office-commercial building is underway in Tbilisi, on the territory of the Dighomi educational and experimental farm.

A three-story building will be built on the plot of land of 1000 sq.m, the first floor will be used as trade and commercial spaces, the second and third floors will have office spaces.

"The project envisages the construction of a multi-purpose (commercial and office) building with a height of 4 floors (of which three are ground level upper floors and one ground level lower floor).

There is a metal parts warehouse at the -2.70 mark. At the +0.00 mark there is a commercial/trade space and a boiler. Offices are located at +4.16 and +7.36 level", - the explanatory card of the project reads.

According to the information posted on the website of the architecture service, the customer of the project is Aleksandre Ghvinepadze, who is set to complete the multifunctional building by the summer of 2025.

Aleksandre Ghvinepadze owns shares in several companies, including SmartSoft, one of the largest  online casino game providers. He is also a shareholder of "Fastpay" LLC ("Crystalbet"), "EUS Capital" LLC and "Elite Accountant" LLC and a member of the Information Technologies Training and Informatics Olympiad Supporting Association.