The Georgian company "Dio",  a leading company in Georgia in the production of blinds, metal-plastic and aluminum doors and windows, predicts a 10% growth this year.

Co-founder and executive director of "Dio" Tamaz Daushvili says in a conversation with Commersant that business needs stability and a predictable environment but the elections scheduled for next year reduce all this.

"The country doesn’t have stable environment, there is some growth and our company also sees it, but business wants to know what will happen in the future, whether the country will maintain stability and economic growth. Next year is an election year, there is expectation that tensions will increase that will affect business sentiments.

In 2021, the company grew by about 15%, in 2022- by 10%. We expect the companuy to see a 10% growth this year. The market is competitive, but our company is focused on quality. We differ from our competitors in that we have a complex offer and are focused on quality. The company currently produces more than 80 names of products.

We have specific products that are produced only by our company at this stage. Competition with imports is less of a concern for us as the products we sell is mainly produced locally and is tailored to customer requirements", says Tamaz Daushvili.